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Do you have loved ones living in Zambia using charcoal for cooking?

Would you consider sponsoring someone with clean cooking for a year with free home delivery and a high-performing stove?

In return you get a "Nifty" - a digital twin of the stove connected to internet, that you can interact with in an app. The Nifty is updated as the stove is being used, creating carbon credits. You can use these carbon credits to offset your footprint, for example from a flight.

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SupaMoto customers in Zambia

Everyone wins with a SupaMoto Nifty

Your purchase will give another family in Africa access to clean energy.
A SupaMoto smart cookstove will be delivered directly to their home by a highly reputable Clean Cookstove distributor – SupaMoto Zambia.
Each smart cookstove is connected to the Internet and its activity can be verified online.

With no upfront costs to the family, switching to clean cooking has never been easier.

You get rewarded with the emission reductions generated as the family uses their clean cookstove, with an expected average yield of
3,500 CARBON credit tokens equivalent to 3.5 tonnes of verified CO2 emission reductions.

Clean Cooking in Africa

Switching to clean cooking

Saves carbon emissions that are being produced on a scale of the entire airline industry, as 2.6 Billion people still cook with polluting charcoal or fossil fuels. Modern cookstoves are the solution.

Stops destroying nature by using renewable biomass pellet fuel, instead of burning wood and charcoal from hardwood forests.

Prevents health complications by avoiding chronic inhalation of toxic smoke, which is especially harmful to children.

Improves the lives of women who waste their productive hours collecting fuel and tending to fires.

Promotes household regeneration as families gain access to the carbon economy.

The transition from traditional cooking fuels

The Gigaton Opportunity

It is our vision to scale access to clean cooking and prevent emissions of up to a gigatonne of CO2. But we can't do it alone!

Learn more about our smart Cookstoves, Carbon Credit tokenisation and scaling challenges. Hear stories from our work directly on the ground and the impact it has on real families.

Scaling Clean Cooking Community Call

Offsetting has never been so much fun!

Receive CARBON credit tokens into your account and use the Impacts X Mobile Wallet Application to view the real-time dashboard of your SupaMoto.
Each CARBON credit token is equivalent to one kilogram of verified carbon emissions saved.

A simple one-click offset enables you to neutralise the climate impacts of your flights and carbon footprint, by retiring your CARBON credit tokens.

Keep track of your carbon balance in the app, with a full transaction history and downloadable digital certificates.

Own more than one SupaMoto Nifty to fully offset your annual footprint, or farm and trade CARBON credits to grow the low-carbon economy!

SupaMoto IoT data

CARBON credit tokens

The direct way to offset your carbon footprint

Your typical international flight emits around 800kg of CO2

Global average annual personal carbon footprint is 4,000kg of CO2 (up to 16,000kg in the USA)

Enabled by regenerative technologies

SupaMoto is the cleanest and most energy-efficient gasifying biomass cookstove device in the market, based on independent laboratory testing

Every smart cookstove has an IoT sensor that is connected to the internet over cellular networks and records the stove usage.

Carbon emission reductions are independently verified using AI.
All claims and transactions are transparently recorded on a blockchain, creating unprecedented accountability for carbon credits and offsets.

Get your Impacts X Mobile Wallet App

Download the free Impacts X Mobile Wallet Application to join the regenerative finance movement and participate in the tokenised Impact Economy.

See your portfolio of digital Impact Assets, view the performance of your SupaMoto Niftys, and manage your CARBON credit tokens.

The future is in our hands. Impacts X gives you powerful new tools to make a difference.

Check out this user guide to see how to set up your account and get your SupaMoto Nifty.

Impacts X Mobile Wallet

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